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7 votes

Cloud Storage Provider with file handles

Will File Share in Azure (SMB3 under the hood) work? Azure File Sync will help with the local “cache” on premises. ...
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What are storage consistency groups?

Storage consistency is something that you'll almost always hear talked about in the context of SAN storage, meaning SCSI LUNs/block storage. You have most of the answer in your question. Consistency ...
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AWS Storage Gateway without the "on-premises" part?

AFAIR, Starwind had AWS support and recently get Backblaze support. I'm not sure about the migration plan, but you can definitely ask their engineers to help you.
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AWS Storage Gateway without the "on-premises" part?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask the question, but I have a kind of a similar situation, except, I would like to move from AWS S3 to Backblaze B2. I've been using AWS Storage Gateway ...
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Azure - Setting up storage spaces direct S2D

Honestly speaking, I wouldnt rely on MSFT iSCSI Target failover due to its poor performance (no caching, active-passive scenario etc). Especially, there is a much easier and time-tested way to create ...
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Export 20TB from Amazon S3

Snowball is a good option if you want the data out of the cloud. You could copy the data to another S3 bucket in the same region. There should be no cost to copy the data, so long as you do this with ...
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2 votes

What is the difference between the cloud disks supported by Alibaba Cloud?

These is the difference between SSD and Ultra Cloud Disk: SSD Cloud Disk: High-performance disks with stable and high random I/O performance and high data reliability. It handles 20,000 read/write ...
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2 votes

Amazon S3 to Amazon Glacier custom vault

You cannot specify a vault. Think of S3 as a customer of Glacier. They have their own Glacier accounts -- they don't use your vaults. Although the objects are stored in Amazon Glacier, these ...
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2 votes

S3 to Swift middleware proxy

There's s3proxy which does what you want to do
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Why are there multiple .vhd files in my Azure blob storage

It's not created automatically. Theses are probably leftovers from previously created Virtual Machines that does not exist anymore. When you delete a VM, it's vhd remains in the storage. You can ...
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Backup files not saved with original user

Such service probably won't let you store any file attributes that easily. On the storage system you're a low-privileged user, who is not permitted to use chown, so UIDs/GIDs can not be stored for ...
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1 vote

GKE k8s cluster sporadic Temporary failure in name resolution

The problem was caused by lack of appropriate firewall rules allowing intra-cluster communication. Once the appropriate ALLOW rules had been created the immediate problem went away, as the pod was ...
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1 vote

How to use "Instance Store Volumes" storage in Amazon EC2?

I created a script for Ubuntu that can be run at boot and after a start/stop cycle since in the world of AWS those are two very different things. When you reboot you still have the same ephemeral disk ...
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1 vote

Strategy to take cloud (amazon aws) backups

You can use AutomatiCloud. It is an easy to use scheduler for backups of AWS EC2 and RDS instances. With AutomatiCloud you can set up GFS (grandfather-father-son) backup plans with individual ...
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