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Running a cluster 24x7 at full load. Possible damages?

how long will it be able to sustain without any physical damage? If you buy decent production-quality servers then no, you shouldn't see any damage. In fact there's an argument that you'd see less ...
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Corosync/Pacemaker/DRBD Resilience Tuning

It's a misconfigured fencing or quorum pick-up issue. It's a very typical DRBD behavior which works when it works but fails miserably with a split-brain or replicated volumes stuck in a wrong state at ...
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There is no replication in a HA Cluster

Only one server will work with a data set at a time, while keeping the other server as a backup with realtime data updates. See:
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Errors about Making Failover-Cluster on Hyper-V with Win-Server-19 on Powershell

What is the purpose of nesting Hyper-V clusters inside each other? Nested virtualization may be extremely tricky, especially in the networking part. Also, Hyper-V is not the best option for that kind ...
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Windows Server quorum concept and split-brain issue prevention

You've pretty much answered your own question here, but just to confirm, yes - that shouldn't ever be a situation which could arise if you're following the best practices on implementation of such a ...
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Heterogeneous Cluster Solution for R&D

Agree with @NikitaKipriyanov that you cannot combine resources from multiple systems into a single image, although there have been commercial products that did this in the past and they relied on ...
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Heterogeneous Cluster Solution for R&D

It's not possible. Different CPUs means instructions may differ. This is a nightmare if you want to migrate code between CPUs. Memory latency is in nanoseconds, network latency in tens of ...
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Can I run a Select query on an SQL dump?

Is there a way to check if the sqldump really has the most up-to-date data in it Short answer: No. Longer answer: Yes ... ... but only after restoring it into a running mysql instance. Unless, of ...
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"CrashLoopBackOff" while deploying mysql on multi-node cluster

This is half an answer for you: PS: I also like to know why it shows READY 1/2? The READY x/y output is telling you how many containers in your pod are "ready". In your Cassandra ...
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How to parse and filter on dict values on Ansible?

I think you could use the selectattr filter along with map You could retrieve the UUID of the VLAN like that: - name: Find VLAN UUID for Cluster01 set_fact: vlan_uuid: "{{ result....
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Proxmox on Ceph performance & stability issues / Configuration doubts

The issues have been fixed. There were actually two separate problems: The upstream switches had configuration issues which caused the network to go nuts (managed by our datacenter partner). We had ...
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MaxScale doesn't connect to Galera Cluster

I have just found the solution for my problem. I have checked the full log of MaxScale with docker exec -it <container_id> cat var/log/maxscale/maxscale.log where the root-cause can be found (I ...
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Howto: Block or File replication across 3+ nodes without a SAN

The SAN model supposes that you have a highly available block storage service - you could implement the same at file level - but this would mean adding more nodes (or putting additional workload on ...
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Failover Cluster Manager - Location of the stored clusters

Cluster names are stored in Active Directory, similar to how computer and server names are registered in AD.
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ceph-deploy install command fails with [ceph_deploy][ERROR ] RuntimeError: configparser.NoSectionError: No section: 'main'

The deployment tool ceph-deploy has been deprecated in favor if cephadm a couple of releases ago. Although this doesn't really answer your question it's gonna be difficult to keep ceph-deploy ...
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Can Auto-Scaling be considered an advanced concept of Clustering?

No. Auto scaling by itself, the compute instances are not required to be any type of cluster. Rather, it is a capacity management feature. An optional component of an infrastructure. Cluster is a ...
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How to create shared folder with Linux Samba Cluster that is accessible by Windows? (Two PCs in cluster with one IP)

I have Windows Server cluster and it needs a witness. Two types are available – shared folder and shared disk. Having only one witness is pretty dangerous, so a high available witness is needed. You'...
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