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How do I find the UUID of a filesystem

sudo grep swap /etc/fstab ## Output like: # swap was on /dev/sda6 during installation # UUID=34e3f31b-16ec-4c84-8f4d-339f38d04a3b none swap sw 0 0 sudo lsblk -f -l| grep SWAP ## Output like: sda6 ...
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How to get own process pid from the command prompt in Windows

I found the easiest solution in a comment by Nicolas Melay: for /F %%a in ('PowerShell -ex bypass "(gwmi Win32_Process -f ProcessID=$((gwmi Win32_Process -f ProcessId=$PID).ParentProcessID))....
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Terminal only shows $?

I guess you are not using bash, but sh and your prompt is not set properly (if this is even possible with sh). you can get your current shell by typing: echo $SHELL if you want to start bash, just ...
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/mnt not mounted already, or bad option

If there is a wrong option in fstab which keeps the filesystem in read-only after reboot, this had helped for me to make it rw: mount /dev/md127 / -o remount,rw (adjust /dev/md127 to any block device ...
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