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The path is at ~/.config/gcloud/legacy_credentials/<<your_email>>/adc.json export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/Users/your_user/.config/gcloud/legacy_credentials/<<...
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What Emacs package should I install for command-line on FreeBSD?

The new way for installing without X server dependencies as of 2024 is pkg install emacs-nox
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How to check IPv6 address via command line?

If we are talking about IPv6 address, it should be white in general. It means the inet6 address with global scope should be equal to your IPv6 address. ip addr | grep -Po "(?<=inet6\s).+(?=...
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Handy parsing for numbers with unit suffixes?

Try numfmt from GNU Core Utilities (coreutils). It handles converting the "raw" byte unit both to and from human-readable multiple-byte units, meaning multiples of either 1024 (IEC) or 1000 (...
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