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mpm-prefork apache increasing MaxRequestWorkers not affecting my RAM to much

Be careful with the high values of MaxRequestWorkers. As said by Babis "Think about reducing MaxRequestWorkers to a number closer to what your memory can fit." MaxRequestWorkers * "...
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Specifying Dynamic filenames for AIA and CDP in CAPolicy?

In the "CAPolicy.inf" file where you define [AuthorityInformationAccess] and [CRLDistributionPoint], can these sections use dynamic values? these sections in CAPolicy.inf file are ...
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sql server max memory change event viewer log

The SQL Server Error Log should provide who did it. Examine the current and the previous log and search for event 2342. message: Date 3/25/2014 Log Windows NT (Application) Source ...
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Can I capture full TCP packet content with haproxy without knowing length of the packet?

I know this is old, but for anyone who comes after: req.payload(0,0) will capture the whole packet. The parameters to payload are an offset and a length; setting the length to zero means to capture ...
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