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You're not trying to connect as root but as dbadmin. Your entry in pg_hba.conf should look like this: local all dbadmin peer map=mymap then you need to run psql with the user aswell: # psql -U dbadmin


According to the posted nginx configuration, you mainly wan to do three things: Listen on Serve files vom C:/www/html-dev directly (I'm assuming this is static content like img/css/js) Expect /api/, this simply got proxied to http://localhost:7000 (Should be the app server) You can use this config, but this requires some configuration ...


I was having the same issue here, 3 years later, so I'll post the answer here. If you're able to run/test using "openvpn --config ", but systemd keeps telling you that there's an error in the first line, it's not. It's SELinux fault. For a simple way to test this hypothesis you can set selinux in permissive mode instead of enforcing and after a reboot you'...

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