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Disabling SSLv2 in Courier IMAP

Since SSLv2 and SSLv3 are obsolete for years and TLS is the successor, nowadays you probably want to disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in courier. Don't set the TLS_CIPHER_LIST! The default will be fine, it ...
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Dovecot, Courier, Postfix Differences

It's a misconception between MTAs like postfix, sendmail, exim vs mail servers where a client accesses emails stored by the above over common client protocols like imap or Pop3. You dovecot like ...
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NO [ALERT] Unexpected response from remote authentication server

Courier comes with libfam0, but for some reason, installing gamin resovled the issue (and uninstalled libfam0).
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Why does MySQL reject my postfix virtual domain query as "an error in your SQL syntax"?

VIRTUAL is a keyword in MySQL. Use a different alias, escape the identifier using backticks.. or just skip the AS [alias] part altogether: maps configured for virtual_alias_domains are only used to ...
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SMTP error '554 5.7.1 Relay access denied' with using postfix

The error you are receiving is because the mail server does not recognise you so won't let you send email through it as you may be a spammer. There are multiple ways to fix this depending on your ...
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Courier not listening on IPv4 ports

PORT/SSLPORT should not be anything but the port number 110 or 143 or 993 or 995
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Courier redownloads mails when there's no disk space

Probably the courierimapuiddb is supposed to get updated when an IMAP login occurs to reflect changes in the Maildir contents, but gets corrupted because you've run out of disk space. That ...
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Courier generic subaddressing

Turns out this was easier than I had hoped touch ~/.courier-default
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