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If the system is using systemd, it will run as a systemd service, triggered by time. If you run systemctl status certbot.timer you will get the status of the service that triggers certbot from systemd. This is why the cron script is configured not to run renewal if systemd is detected on the machine.


It's a typo. You should use $USER, not ${USER}. Cron parses these lines itself and does only simple variable substitution; it is not a shell.


No need to use any interactive editor. Write the new schedule to a file and then simply call: crontab file See the crontab man page.


Quoting Automated Renewals Most Certbot installations come with automatic renewals preconfigured. This is done by means of a scheduled task which runs certbot renew periodically. If you are unsure whether you need to configure automated renewal: Review the instructions for your ...

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