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You can still use the archive repository but there is no more updates: deb wheezy main deb wheezy updates/main


Add the security updates: deb wheezy main deb wheezy updates/main


Using the Debian archive you shouldn't have an apt source line referring to wheezy-updates. This particular (sub-)distribution is not existing in the archives. If you just remove the lines: deb wheezy/updates main deb wheezy-updates main you should be able to run your apt-get commands again. ...


Best method. Upgrade off wheezy. Debian has dropped official support for it. Which means all the wheeze packages were removed from the primary CDNs. There is no security support for that release. A wheezy system is almost certain vulnerable. Running a wheezy mail server seems like a pretty bad idea. If you really think you still need to run on wheezy, ...

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