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Sending email inside a docker container to hosts smtp running postfix

ssmtp is only available on debian bullseye and later, before 11 you'll have to configure msmtp. On the host machine, add the docker subnet ( by default) to postfix's config at /etc/postfix/...
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How to change a SSH host key?

I highly recommend using shred (or gshred on macOS/brew install coreutils). sudo shred -u /etc/ssh/*_key /etc/ssh/*
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needrestart keeps asking for rebooting on new kernel

If you tried apt-get upgrade and it says The following packages have been kept back: linux-image-amd64 then you need to apt-get install linux-image-amd64 as root/with sudo. The message should stop ...
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RAID5 rescue with LVM2 running on it

I've recognized that during the build command, the order of the drives is important. That put me in to the situation to probe each kind of combination. So far, we have 6! = 720 different possibilities ...
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ionice for systemd journal

I know this is an old question but I did put this into my rc.local and my Ubuntu Jammy partition is now just as responsive as my Artix Linux (non-systemd) partition: /usr/bin/ionice -p $(/usr/bin/...
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VLANs and Bridges on Debian to share the same address

so that the physical port looking inside my network (eth1) would accept both new VLANs, frames without VLAN-id (untagged) That won't work. You need to configure a subinterface on your NIC with 802.1q ...
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Blocking traffic from specific countries. How to kill existing connection?

Since several years, the Linux kernel has been having an API to forcibly kill existing IP sockets whatever their state. It can be done with the ss command and its filter syntax: -K, --kill Attempts ...
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Why does my pfsense gateway break SSL for some internal hosts?

As it turns out, this was due to a NAT rule clash regarding a specific subnet. So it was a routing problem that showed up only with static ip addresses, on that particular subnet.
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How to find which process sent a HUP signal to my node.js process?

You can do this with eBPF: sudo dnf install bcc-tools sudo /usr/share/bcc/tools/killsnoop Here is how it looks when sending SIGHUP (-1) from process with PID 1221229, which is the bash shell where I ...
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Exim, Debian 12 (bookworm): Tainted '..Maildir/' (file or directory name for maildir_local_delivery transport) not permitted

I think you just need to replace directory = /home/${local_part}/Maildir/ with directory = /home/${local_part_data}/Maildir/ At least that is the first thing I found on
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Debian sendmail not sending to gmail

The error message is pretty specific: Our system has detected that this message does not meet IPv6 sending guidelines regarding PTR records and authentication. Please review
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Cannot restart apache2 on Debian server - "Cannot load /usr/local/apache2/modules/ into server"

I had your problem in FreeBSD. version of your libidn isn't camptiable with your PHP. You need to apt-get update, Then remove your php modules ,php itself and remove mod_php, Then install php, mod_php ...
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LDAP server migration from Debian to Ubuntu Error

The error is due to the outdated database backend on most of the old slapd systems (<2.4.x). Converting manually to hdb/bdb => mdb fixes these issues on new slapd versions. sudo slapcat -n 0 -l ...
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mdadm raid1 showing removed disk

In general, /proc/mdstat shows the true, current RAID status. sda5 is really missing from the RAID array: notice how its event count is much lower than sdb5. Also notice how sdb5 see an array status ...
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Is it possible to configure a Linux/Ubuntu computer to be network silent?

You can make your machine completly silent with one of following solutions: drop any outgoing packets from firewall don't configure any IP addresses on interfaces where you want it to be silent You ...
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Mount smb remote storage on debian with local disk caching using FS-Cache for CIFS

I'm using the same remote storage (which I fully recommend, by the way). According to the mount.cifs man page, you also need to have cachefilesd daemon installed and running to make the cache ...
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Bad ssh config on remote server. Cannot login in

This exact file (SSH client config) is not usually needed on the server side, and the problem won't appear unless you are chaining SSH connections (using a server-side client to connect to another ...
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Should I use proxmox for this use case?

Your justification for using Proxmox here appears to be so that you can use keepalived (although I'm not sure exactly what for). That seems like massive overkill. There are other reasons that might ...
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Debian + Strongswan: does not pass traffic from the Internet to the tunnel

It was my own fault. I was careless when setting up iptables and wrote eth0 without checking the actual interface name which was ens5 on that VPS. It's a stupid mistake that would not be worth ...
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Trigger a monit reload after unattended upgrades

I found a clean solution to this with the help of this answer. All I needed to do is add an apt config file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99monit containing: DPkg::Post-Invoke {"/usr/bin/monit reload&...
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Trigger a monit reload after unattended upgrades

A suggestion only, You can use Monit (check file) to monitor the /var/log/dpkg.log file to get information about an update and then reload the configuration if necessary. On the other hand this will ...
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squid: Unable to allow but works

I solved it after debugging the connection with tcpdump.. Every request was NATed..and asked by my openwrt router and not the device ( After disabling NATing for this Network the request ...
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ocfs2_dlmfs file system not found while running tunefs.ocf2s command

Found a solution, first run dpkg-reconfigure ocfs2-tools Where you get the following option: Would you like to start an OCFS2 cluster (O2CB) at boot time? When you answer this with Yes, the dlmfs ...
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