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DELL PowerEdge R740xd - NUMA - memory performance

This is obviously a late answer but I ran across this question. I specialize in doing a lot of this at work and unfortunately a complete answer on doing NUMA testing is long and nuanced. Here are some ...
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Upgrading T410 w/Perc 6i to Windows Server 2022

Obligatory legal note: I work for Dell. If you're asking can you replace it with a newer perc and it be in a supported config? Definitely not. None of the PERCs that were qualified for the T410 have ...
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ESXi: Changing Port for Management Network

Legal obligatory note: I work for Dell The Problem While there are myriad reasons this can happen (see alternatives at the bottom of this post), by far the most common I see is VLAN mismatch. If you ...
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Dell PowerEdge 2950 getting PCIe Degraded Link Width Error : Internal Storage Slot

I just had this on a R720 after upgrading the CPUs. Swapping the 2 CPUs and giving them a clean with isopropyl alcohol fixed it.
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How to remove a Raid 1 subgroup from a Raid 10 array?

No - in a RAID 10, removing any subgroup of disks will cause the destruction of the RAID0. If you had a RAID 01 - yes, you could remove one of the subgroup RAID 0s without problem.
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How are Serial Communications designed to be connected virtually on Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers?

I think the below is correct. I obviously don't have an R720 to go test against. If anything doesn't line up let me know and I'll edit the response. What is meant by console redirection as configured ...
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Is it possible to set up R730xd split zoning with HBA330 + PERC rather than 2x PERC?

The split backplane, dual HBA330 setup is absolutely a valid, Dell supported configuration on both the R730xd and R740xd. We currently have 8 x R730xd and 5 x R740xd in this configuration, built that ...
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Dell R640 onboard SAS and SATA connectors

The SATA ports should work with the bare mainboard (if you really want to use them), but the SAS ports do require a PERC - they're just wired to the PERC slot so you don't have to cram the cabling ...
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