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Is there a way to speed up AWS CodeDeploy

BlockTraffic and AllowTraffic Simply adjusting your target group's health check settings can shave off a couple minutes. Before After Explanation This works because BlockTraffic and AllowTraffic ...
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Could not connect to remote computer web deploy ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE

A comment on this answer at stackoverflow got me on the right track with this same error message if anyone else comes across this and the other answers don't help:
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Get list of transferred files from rsync?

Use the --out-format option According to the man page: Specifying the --out-format option will mention each file, dir, etc. that gets updated in a significant way (a transferred file, a ...
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Blue/Green deployments with CloudFront

A bit late in the game here, but for anyone else looking for this. I believe this can be done using lambda@edge. Similar to A/B tests. ...
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Automated graceful reload of gunicorn in production

Add the following to the systemd service file for gunicorn, or add it as an override: ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID You can then reload with systemctl reload gunicorn.
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What does regsvr32 do?

RegSvr32 calls an exported method DllRegisterServer in the DLL. What specifically happens next is up to the implementation. Often registry keys for COM are written based on the file location. The ...
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Can AWS CodeDeploy execute powershell scripts?

YES! Although I haven't been able to find a definitive list of the acceptable script types, it looks like the answer is Yes - Powershell .ps1 scripts are acceptable and will be executed if included ...
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Kubernetes, Docker and vm.max_map_count

The setting for vm.max_map_count can be changed on the host level. Your can read the current value like this: sysctl vm.max_map_count. To change it run: sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144. This ...
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Is there a way to speed up AWS CodeDeploy

Another setting to check is the Target Group's "Deregistration delay". My health check settings were already low and this was the bottleneck in my case.
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Why don't I have Deploy actions available in IIS 7 Manager?

i have windows 10. Even with Web Deploy 3.6, i didn't have the import/export application options in iis. To correct this, I installed web deployment tool 2.1 from the web platform installer.
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Web application deployment : one version for all clients or each his own

It depends on the approach. It is much easier to maintain thousands servers which are the same with todays technologies (tools for job automation such us docker, puppet, chef, ansible, etc - hundreds ...
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Automated software testing on real hardware

You can absolutely use a set of VMs based on some “golden image” + differentials, and you can discard these over the time increments when / if needed. This is PowerShell scriptable (turn VM off, ...
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Can I upgrade a managed disk used by an Azure VM without having to redeploy the VM?

Eureka! I managed to upgrade my managed data disk without having to redeploy the VM! According to the Azure web portal, "Disks can be resized or account type changed only when they are unattached or ...
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Could not connect to remote computer web deploy ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE

I've just had similar problem. It was due to messing with SSL certificates. During the installation of WebDeploy you normally install Management Service which creates self-signed certificate named: ...
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Package and Deploy Linux Binary

This is what the ldd program does. Given the path to an executable and no other options, it will list the shared libraries the program needs, and the current paths of those shared libraries on the ...
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What does regsvr32 do?

In addition to @Matthew Wetmore's correct answer, the usual thing that happens, is that it registers all COM components in that dll. Specifically it creates two keys (+subkeys) in the Windows ...
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Bulk install new certificates on multiple Windows Server 2016+ endpoints

PowerShell is your friend. https:...
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Could not connect to remote computer web deploy ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE

I had the same problem (404). Fixed it by: Uninstalled Web Deploy 3.6 from Programs & Features Downloaded x64 package from ...
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Appengine stuck on "Updating service [default]..."

When you get this error, you can take a look at crash.log in the Cloud Console Logs Viewer (Logging -> Logs) for your specific service / version which will usually tell you exactly what happened. In ...
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What's the easiest or preferred way to deploy in Wildfly with zero downtime?

I do not think it is possible to go completely zero-downtime with single server instance. What you are looking for is blue green deployment. Basically you need to have a web server in front of your ...
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How do I stop Windows 10 Install from modifying BIOS boot settings?

Learned the following: On Linux, this would be fairly straightforward, via efibootmgr EasyUEFI would let me do what I want too - command line support requires a fairly cheap license; but I don't feel ...
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Automated graceful reload of gunicorn in production

More detailed explanation for editing your gunicorn service file (based on the answer of @jordanm): Edit your service file /etc/systemd/system/my_task.service or a similar path [Unit] Description=My ...
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How can I deploy a large application to Lambda using Serverless, bypassing or not reacking CloudFormation resource limit

The 200 number is a hard limit. You will not be able to deploy this application, as is, through serverless. However, if you're willing to break things up, you can get around it. CloudFormation has ...
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Kubernetes: detect and auto-update deployment on image update

For anyone stumbling on this from google, have a look at It does exactly what OP asked for.
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AWS CodeDeploy: Script at specified location: ... "failed to complete in 5 seconds"

You can specify a timeout for each stage, see CodeDeploy — Structure of 'hooks' Section. For example to set it to 120 seconds: hooks: BeforeInstall: - location: /script/location/ ...
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How to copy ownership and permissions using rsync but not the files?

AFAIK there are no rsync flags to only sync ownership and permissions but both the chmod and chown commands support a --reference flag. You can point to an existing file and chmod will use the ...
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What Are the Hardware Requirements of Kubernetes Master Node

Well, your question is very general. All depends on many factors, resources you want to use, how nodes will be used, for what purposes, if there will be HorizontalPodAutoscaler/ClusterAutoscaler, what ...
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Best practice on deploying MSIs via group policies: from dedicated share or from the AD itself?

Generally, SYSVOL should be avoided as a file share for deployments. The share is required for AD to function, and combining it with other uses can lead to situations where there is an outage. ...
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If Robocopy is run from a different server, does it copy the files across the network if the source and destination are the same server?

Modern SMB 2+ client/server implementations supports server side copies and robocopy supports this feature. I just tried copying a big file from ServerA/folder to ServerA/folder2 (a Win2016 server) ...
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ansible print debug msg variable

I have displayed variable and message in the same debug play. Ansible Task - name: Report the /boot/initramfs file status for latest installed kernel debug: msg: "{{ ansible_hostname }} = {...
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