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Possibly the PHYs are internally bridged, and only present the one MAC externally. Nothing forbids that, this is a counter example to any assumptions you may have made about WiFi being a different MAC address. Think about the user's experience. One MAC address goes in inventory, and the camera is deployed via WiFi. When the wireless inevitably performs ...


Rather than trying to configure DHCP clients to only use specific DHCP servers (the point of DHCP is to be dynamic, hard coding which servers to use would negate this), I would suggest configuring the network to only allow configured servers to run DHCP, this then prevents "rogue" DHCP servers from being able to operate.


Find the issue, I have got an IPv6 address (I even succed to connect to my VM in ssh with the IPv6), the problem was juste that there weren't enough IPv4 on available. The netword admin removde some old reservation and it worked ! I let this post if some I enough stupid like me to didn't find the problem:)


I had solved the same "challenge". At the end I found out, that I didn't have set IP address of my host server. After manual setting IP dnsmasq worked. ip addr add <IP> dev <NET_INTERFACE>

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