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Why does mailman replace non-Latin letters with crooked ones?

It is not corrupted nor crooked, but Quoted-Printable Content-Transfer-Encoding (RFC 2045, 6.7). The Quoted-Printable encoding is intended to represent data that largely consists of octets that ...
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Microsoft 365 Group: Owner unable to Update Group

I found the user account under Exchange> recipients> shared. I converted the mailbox back to a regular mailbox, had the user test, and the user was able to successfully update the group mailbox ...
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How to export addresses of a specific Exchange Distribution List

But I can't find a way to just get a list of who is on a specific DL. Is this possible in Exchange Admin Center? Do you want to export the members of a specific DL to a CSV file which includes the ...
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How do I pause email delivery to specific people in an Exchange Distribution List?

It is exactly what joeqwerty has said above, remove and re-add these users in distribution list may be a better choice. I have tried to create a transport rule to achieve this goal, but no luck. Once ...
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Forward from one Distribution Group to another DG inbox?

I would keep it simple. Create a distribution group with the new alias; [email protected]. For your old.dg, if the wanted action is to send an email when someone use it; then make sure it's moved to ...
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Exchange distribution group alias restriction - can it start with an @ character?

AFAIK, the Alias cannot begin with nor include the @ character. The Display Name can. My guess is that you're conflating the Alias and the Display Name from your previous Exchange environment.
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EMS: Filter Get-Mailbox results to Database with '-like' and wildcards

Since you are going to use the RecipientFilter parameter for the New-DynamicDistributionGroup, I can see why you posed the question. I can get it work with attributes other than "database". See ...
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External recipients in distribution group not receiving emails

This can be related to security settings on external recipient side. For example gmail contact sends mail to your DL, that has another gmail contacts inside. On Exchange side, DL is opened, and ...
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Exchange 2010 Distribution Group - Hiding Senders email address

You need a list server - as that is the behaviour you are describing. Groups in Exchange don't work as a list server does.
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