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SPF is invalid for messages within tenant

Your speculation about Microsoft's SPF/DKIM may be partially correct. Since the email is located in the same rental households, Microsoft may trust these emails by default, and will not apply the same ...
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SPF is invalid for messages within tenant

Usually, these Authentication checks are performed at the Edge of the Organization's network, thus it would make sense for these headers to be absent in internal email flow. Other headers do offer ...
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Google calendar invites shared through our domain's email are getting blocked/sent to spam at recipient end. SPF & DKIM pass but DMARC fails

When it comes to calendar invites, these are auto-generated emails (server-generated) which in this case SPF will always fail since the return path will change. However, if you have configured DKIM, ...
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O365/Exchange: Send From: external domain using connector and transport rule?

You can't send an email from Office 365 from an email address that isn't from one of your Office 365 accepted/verified domains. So... can you send an email from your Office 365 mailbox (truefoo@...
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Is it a good idea to add `` to my SPF record?

No, messages with this sender are not authorized by you beyond what their signature says, and you should avoid any strategy of signalling to other servers that they were. Google Calendar invites have ...
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