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I'm not an expert on AWS, but a similar setup in Azure would involve creating a virtual network, connecting it to your on-premises network using a VPN connection (or ExpressRoute if you are getting serious about it) and then deploying a Windows Server virtual machine to act as a Domain Controller. The basic idea is to treat your cloud network as a branch ...


Do you need a second domain controller? Yes. Does Azure AD replace your domain controller or replace the need for a second domain controller? No.


The python-active-directory appears to have some code that is able to perform the "LDAP ping" and parse the results.


Absolutely not. A Domain Controller is not a stateless server; quite the opposite: it hosts the Active Directory database, where everything about the domain is stored, including authentication for users and computers. Also, this database is replicated between all DCs in the domain, and they send updates each other and employ several solutions to ensure ...


This is not a good idea. You need to have multiple domain controllers, but they need to be online and communicating with each other. It's also not a disaster recovery plan. And no it may not work for a variety of reasons.

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