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Remote domain: DNS record A exists when NS does not

Non-standard domain parking DNS server The this-domain-for-sale.com or is a misconfigured authoritative name server, as it does not respond with the same NS records as the parent zone. It ...
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Remote domain: DNS record A exists when NS does not

It appears that the SOA and other data on this domain has been restricted for privacy. lookup.icann.org shows the nameservers as ns.buydomains.com and this-domain-for-sale.com which are clearly ...
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Get iptables rule from ufw

If you use ufw, I won't start touching iptables right away. First list your ufw rules using ufw status numbered Then delete the mdns rules ufw del number Then add the mdns rule again with the limit ...
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How can I setup a DNS server for a subdomain behind a dynamic IP address?

You do not. Seriously. This is highly problemtic if the need arises, ther are 2 possible workarounds: Use a vpn to a proxy VPS. I run into a similar situation, and all my traffic is routed through a ...
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