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Short answer: Your server is sending spam. Long answer: Someone somewhere flags a message that he/she received as spam. Most probably an indirect outgoing message - maybe a forwarding adress.


The tutorial you are following explains one basic Postfix+Dovecot setup, as explained in the first part. I don't like the attitude of setting up SPF and DKIM to get through spam filters, as the purpose of SPF is to prevent others from using your domain as an envelope sender and the purpose of DKIM is to authenticate the domain has authorized this message and ...


Your current DMARC policy is v=DMARC1; p=none;;; pct=100; The p=none; means you are asking the receiver to take no action despite a DMARC alignment fails, but only report it back to you. If you had p=quarantine or p=reject, the action would only be taken if BOTH SPF & DKIM failed or ...

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