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Too many connect from unknown postfix

This is normal on the internet, if it's the same ip which is doing a lot of connects, you can automatically ban them using fail2ban and a jail for postfix
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Spam filters: IP address with no history v. good history

A lot goes into deliverability concerns, and you've found one of them: sender volume. The major email players (Google, Microsoft, what's left of Yahoo) all use some in-house heuristics based on the ...
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Postfix + Dovecot Mail delivery permission problems

Mail users must be members of the vmail group. So after usermod -a -G vmail edward it should work.
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What exactly is Return-Path and who sets it?

The Return-Path email header is supposed to contain the last known bounce address from the latest SMTP handshake in delivery path. Unlike e.g. Received headers, the existing Return-Path headers in the ...
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Configure postfix virtual transport to deliver mail to arbitrary (local) addresses

With a little additional research, this turned out to be easier than I thought. In mydestination = localhost # leave valid recipient checking up to the mda local_recipient_maps = # don't ...
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PHP mail.add_x_header not showing in log

EDIT: If I look at the mail headers I receive, I see the X-PHP-Originating-Script: line in there. Perhaps I've misunderstood - is that all the php.ini directive does? Yes. As indicated by the fact ...
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What are the correct settings to enable TLS between Postfix and Dovecot via LMTP?

If (according to your openssl s_client test) properly wrapping the entire LMTP session in TLS works, and its just the STARTTLS compatibility hack that is causing trouble.. tell Postfix to do the ...
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Dynamically move mails into matching mailboxes with sieve fileinto regex

Stick the match into a variable and use that: require ["fileinto", "regex", "mailbox", "variables"]; if header :regex "Subject" "([1-9][0-9][0-9]...
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