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My guess is that the Windows Firewall is enabled on the SQL Server and you haven't defined an inbound rule that allows inbound TCP to your desired port. Take a look at that.


What you're looking for is a wireless access point (WAP) with client mode. It's the same device you'd use to connect a wired device to WLAN. Configure that WAP to connect to the Wi-Fi network and bridge that to its Ethernet interface. Make sure the WAP you select supports the authentication method of your Wi-Fi (WPA2/3-PSK or -ENT).


The Qlogic 8152 is an Ethernet NIC that can talk Fibre Channel over Ethernet but not native Fibre Channel. Fibre Channel uses different L1 and L2 protocols from Ethernet. FCoE encapsulates FC frames in Ethernet frames and isn't understood by normal FC devices. FCoE is normally used to bridge FC networks over an intermediate Ethernet network. You'll need a ...

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