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Can not remotely connect to Exchange server

The first thing would be to ensure you have enabled remote desktop connections to your server. You should also check any firewall rules that might block traffic on 3389/tcp and 3389/udp that might ...
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What will users experience during a mailbox move in an Exchange 2003 environment?

As far as I remember (haven't done this since the release of Exchange 2007), the users whose mailbox is currently being moved won't be able to send / receive mails, but won't notice it (e.g. outlook ...
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exchange server admin privileges and what he can do

An administrator can do anything they like. Send As permissions aren't there by default, but they can grant the permission and then send the message. Similarly they can grant themselves permissions ...
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Exchange 2010: Replication Service Still Trying to Replicate Deleted Mailbox Store

Run "find" option thru Registry on Exchange Nodes to look 'EXCHSERVER' name or you can look for old DB GUID. You will find old, not existing DBs which were mounted on old/decommissioned 'EXCHSERVER' ...
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