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SPF spf.protection.outlook.com is invalid for messages within tenant

Usually, these Authentication checks are performed at the Edge of the Organization's network, thus it would make sense for these headers to be absent in internal email flow. Other headers do offer ...
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Out of Office was setup on an email which is now an alias; anyway to remove that out of office?

I tried testing in my Exchange server lab using steps below and the result indicate there's no need to worry about the OOF configured for the OOF set previously for the alias mailbox. Enable OOF for ...
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SPF spf.protection.outlook.com is invalid for messages within tenant

Your speculation about Microsoft's SPF/DKIM may be partially correct. Since the email is located in the same rental households, Microsoft may trust these emails by default, and will not apply the same ...
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Office365 - Exchange Mailflow Rules for Signature

Just go to docs.microsoft.com there you have an overview of all the values you can use. Maybe activation of the rule with PowerShell it goes quicker. Yes the EAC can be slow. %%City%% %%Company%% %...
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O365: Deleting messages via POP3 suddenly not working

Based on the information you provided, it is possible that the issue is related to the basic auth deprecation coming in October. The service has been temporarily disabling basic auth so that tenant ...
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