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hardening fail2ban using systemd sandbox

Configure tmpfiles.d(5) to create the file at boot time. f /run/xtables.lock 0644 root root Individual ExecStartPre= commands can be prefixed with a + to exclude them from privilege-related ...
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Using fail2ban in a docker container to block incomming connections

I am also exploring this. Have you done any progress here ? From what I've understood so far, it would be probably easier to integrate fai2ban within the Nextcloud container itself. That implies to ...
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fail2ban: how to combine multiple failregex?

Figured it out, remove the second failregex = %(known/failregex)s: failregex = %(known/failregex)s ^Bad protocol version identification '.*' from ^runcloud[\d+]: echo: http: TLS handshake error from :...

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