I deduce you are using ext3 or ext4 as the file system. If so, you can mount it with the errors=panic option and configure watchdog to reboot your system in case a panic happen. While more complex than roelvanmeer's answer (which I upvoted), it has the added bonus of working for all panic-level kernel crash. As suggested by NikitaKipriyanov, setting the ...


Maybe not a very pretty solution, but my first thought would be to run a command from cron every minute: test -w / || reboot


Restrictive file permissions do not prevent a user from enumerating other users and their home directories. getent passwd from glibc will list users including their home directories. The underlying getpwent() function can also be called by a program. To fully prevent any user from listing other user's home directories, isolate the user. As in, give them ...

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