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how can i increase OS FS on CentOS?

You should be able to extend the volume group vg01 and after that the logical volume lvroot. You can check out how to do it using vgextend and pvextend commands. Be sure to extend the filesystem after ...
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Linux-on-Linux KVM: Which filesystem should I use for guest and host?

As of this writing, it's been more than 10 years since the original question. And, I daresay that the answer currently isn't as obvious, as it earlier may have been. BTRFS has an interesting feature ...
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How to disable fsync on Linux

If you don't care about your FS robuestness you can use the nobarrier mount option.
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Is there any Linux mechanism to emergency-flush filesystem buffers on power loss?

No and this is impossible. PSU will not have enough power stored to power the system long enough. The "intertia" you saw is probably the fortunate event (or unfortunate: somebody wasted ...
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How do I figure out what is filling up my AWS EC2 file system?

It turns out that a large number of files were deleted but are still opened by a running process. Running sudo lsof -nP | grep '(deleted)' listed hundreds of large log files that were deleted by ...
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Is there a remote filesystem for Linux that's encrypted and resilient against unreliable servers?

Remote connection encryption and shared filesystem are two different things and there is no point to make mix them. Set up a Wireguard tunnel between your client and server, and run any remote ...

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