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How do I apply src-nat to the traffic coming from ipsec?

I should've switched notrack chain in ipsec identities on client's side to output instead of prerouting in order to get NAT to work. Unfortunately, this move slows things down and makes client's ...
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SMTP port open - but not open

In my similar situation It was because I had two firewalls (CSF & UFW) installed and working at same time which I didn't noticed about one of them which caused unexpected behaviour.
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Why does port 8443 work, and port 4223 doesn't?

My server provider actually has firewall rules, that i don't see in the virtual machine, but in the control panel of the vserver. Of course i added my wish ports to that firewall, and now everything ...
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Why does port 8443 work, and port 4223 doesn't?

You need to check if your provider is blocking certain ports or not. After that, check your firewall. If using ubuntu check iptables and ufw. If both of the above are ok, check your NetCoreServer ...
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csf -d <IP> will block an IP for a while but then it is somehow gone again from the csf.deny list some time later

After getting no answer here and researching more I found vague solutions suggesting the use of a comment on the line of the csf.deny file that you don't want to be deleted. Through further testing I ...
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FortiGate and WireGuard UDP hole punching

You have to setup a SNAT (VIP) on the side that doesn't initiate. Since wireguard usually initiates out from the client-side (C1 or T1) that means you need a SNAT on the fortigate for the external ...
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how to open 3389 TCP on CSF for Remote Desktop Connection in CentOS 7?

Sorry but I solved the problem so fast :D I was using to restart csf and affect changes systemctl restart csf but there is another way to restart csf currectly and that is csf -r
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Can't transfer file via tftp, ERROR - Failed to open file 'file' on server

The issue is resolved. The solution was to use a public IP address of computer for tftp write, not private IP address.
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Block all IP addresses except specific IP range (firewall-cmd)

As the port has been already open that rule should be removed with following command firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --remove-port 80/tcp To add rule for local network used following command: ...
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Abuse complaints on my Hetzner VPS

(this was intended to be a reply to your comment under Massimo's answer, however, it grew past the character limit) "Not knowing" who is sending them is simply irresponsible. By providing a ...
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