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Unauthorized client bypassing homemade Network Access Control and connects to the Internet

DNS Over HTTPS But seriously, it's 2023. Even the cheapest switches support RADIUS. Don't deploy a jury rigged solution. Configure 802.1x port security.
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UFW firewall deny incoming connections except for one ip

You can try use ufw allow from to any port 6677 But as far as I know, whenever you launch the docker container it runs on a different IP unless you fix the IP.
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Setting up school wifi network with SSO linked to azure AD without local server

If you have on-prem MS-AD then you can provision a RADIUS server as an authentication bridge between your APs and MS-AD. Filtering is a bit more complicated. There are several open source ...
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Forward (NAT) port on FW to the device without having GW set on it?

(I actually mentioned double NAT several times, but didn't explained in detail. The following is for Linux and will work the same way on Mikrotik RouterOS; I am not sure how to implement this concept ...
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iptables routing all traffic to two different chains?

On mobile and too long for a comment It seems that you assume that sending a packet to a custom / new chain means that it won’t return from there. That is somewhat incorrect. The rules in iptables are ...
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Firewall not keeping relay attempts from reaching postfix

It's been a while and despite my attempts at providing the information I was being asked, no one other than user anx seemed to find my problem worthy of providing some assistance. I wish whoever down-...
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Incoming https traffic blocked by Windows firewall rule Query User

Just solved this exact problem after days of troubleshooting a firewall that wasn't accepting traffic on ports that already had explicit allow rules created. Hopefully this solves the same problem for ...
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