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Put this line into the rc.conf. Time will be synced when you start the system and/or when you (re)start ntpd. ntpd_sync_on_start="YES" This parameter causes "ntpd" to start with option "-g" (see /etc/rc.d/ntpd), (see man ntpd) -g, --panicgate. Allow the first adjustment to be Big. This option may appear an unlimited number of times. Normally, ntpd ...


Check what mailq command reports about messages in sendmail (outgoing) queue Check all log entries related to specific queue id e.g. x1L5tNWu013205 In x1L5tNWu013205 case initial log entries should be 4 days 21 hours old sm-mta log entries may lead to msa log entries (sendmail process sending user mail to main sendmail daemon)


You can select users with specific group from list of all users given by pw utility: pw usershow -P -a | grep groupname Result will be something like: Login Name: username1 #1024 Group: groupname #1002 Login Name: username2 #1025 Group: groupname #1002


I somehow screwed up my ZFS configuration. Unfortunately I don't recall what exactly I did (I have been changing some hardware so I messed up; don't be like me!), but this worked for me. I'm using XigmaNAS (nas4free) and all commands below are issued via terminal. Some vague memory about what I did (and did not do): Did not export any pool Might have ...

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