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For non server motherboards and chipsets, only specific AMD motherboards(like ASRock) and any AMD chipsets offer ECC. For Intel, they only make ECC available on server Xeon chipsets. Intel disables ECC on their desktop chipsets.


Let's look into source code, as it's the best documentation in the world of open source. net/ipv4/tcp_diag.c: if (sk->sk_state == TCP_LISTEN) { r->idiag_rqueue = sk->sk_ack_backlog; r->idiag_wqueue = sk->sk_max_ack_backlog; } else { r->idiag_rqueue = max_t(int, tp->rcv_nxt - tp->copied_seq, 0); r->idiag_wqueue ...


First of all you have to install the port tree: portsnap fetch extract That will take some time. Then you have to move to the root of ports: cd /usr/ports Now you are able to search for the software you need. Do not look for the auxiliary software that called dependencies - look directly for those software you really need: make search name=samba48 ...


I think you are looking for sync(1)

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