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Migrate an FTP site Based on IIS version 6.1 to an IIS version 10

The error I got was that I had not installed the ftp server in the destination server. First go to the destination server, open server manager install IIS and FTP. Second install Microsoft Web Deploy ...
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2 votes

Curl ftp error Could not resolve host

You have small mistake in the command. The text: -cert "domainname.crt" must be --cert "domainname.crt"
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1 vote

Setting up sftp/ftp for OCI wordpress

You are getting this message because the WordPress wp-content directory is not writable by the webserver. An alternative would be giving the webserver direct write access to the directory. Doing that ...
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1 vote

IIS locking files even when there is an App_Offline.htm present

Oddly enough, although you can't delete or overwrite the files when IIS has a hold on them, you can rename them, and the site will carry on as before. So, one way to get around this is to rename the ...
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1 vote

rsync cannot write files to folders it created

The clue is here: rsync: mkstemp "/mnt/ftp/.../daily.0/.backup_to_ftp.tar.lmLoNR" failed: Operation not supported (95) It's telling you that the remote system - or one of the cludges used ...
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Notifying an administrator when mail-server wasn't able to upload logs to ftp-server - if condition is failing

[ is a built-in command and follows the same syntax rules as other commands – arguments must be quoted and space-separated. Specifically, the operator such as == is expected to be a separate argument, ...
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1 vote

FTP restrict user access to a specific folder

Just went through this myself and learned quite a bit. There are some additional options and specifics beyond what was explained in the accepted answer that may be beneficial so here we are. You have ...
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1 vote

vsftpd and home directories of chrooted local users

A chroot simply changes the root folder of the directory tree, so you can't cd a folder up from that point. Somehow developers have assumed $home_folder should be the chroot and packaged the two ...
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1 vote

How to Read a Pure FTPD log file?

That log file format is called xferlog : The default format of the xferlog for ProFTP contains the following information on each line: current-time Fri April 19 13:18:51 2024 transfer-time whole ...
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