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How do you do a keyword search the Services.msc (mmc) window in Windows 7?

I also wonder the same :-( Even in Windows 10 still nothing about the search function in the MMC view of Windows Services. Anyway I found this utility Serviwin at the following link: http://www....
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Search strings in text files and show in output the string, preceding one and next one (cmd.exe)

Powershell. Specifically, the -Context parameter of the Select-String Cmdlet will give you the context surrounding the selected text. PS C:\Users\ryan> gc .\temp.txt 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PS C:\...
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How to stop SQL Server from logging informational lines to SQLFT log files?

In the end the solution was to add to Task Scheduler a simple one-liner powershell script which will clear the SQL Server logs older than 30 days, executed every day: Get-ChildItem "C:\Program ...
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