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Git Bash Default Port 22 to 443

Try to change to 443 in ~/.ssh/config. In ubuntu, change the port on: sudo nano ~/.ssh/config See my other answer on using that for GitHub in here
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git-http-backend on apache2 can pull but not push: remote: fatal: not a git repository: '.'

I found a solution to this. Interestingly, it's the same solution that solved my previous, different problem: I checked my apache config and couldn't ...
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Remote rejected

You have uncommitted changes locally, stash them first. git stash After you've pushed, get your stashed changes back git stash pop
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Git, WSL2, SSH: unexpected disconnect while reading sideband packet

I've experienced the same, particularly for larger repositories. The fix described here has worked for me on multiple workstations: Open git global config: git config --global -e And add these ...
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