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How could I stop ssh offering a wrong key?

For me the solution was to add a key to a list of ssh keys, with a command: ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_name_of_my_rsa_key so it could be offered when connecting to the server. After adding a ssh, it was ...
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Replace gitolite3 user with git

The other answer that mentions to create another user with same UID and GID is correct, however it does not provide the command. Here you go: useradd --home-dir /var/lib/gitolite3 --gid gitolite3 --no-...
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setting up gitolite repository hook

It turned out that the information on the page is actually wrong for version 3.6. The correct setup procedure is described on the page http://gitolite....
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Gitolite 502 when trying to clone/fetch any repo over http

Well, the solution was just 1 step away. GITOLITE_HTTP_HOME parameter just needs to point to /srv/http; instead of /srv/git;. And that's it. Both gitweb and git function perfectly and respect the ...
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Possible to rename sub domain for gitolite host?

If you change the URL of the repositories you will either have to update the URL in every checked out repo on every client, or create a redirect on to redirect requests to git....
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Git - what is causing "warning: Negative patterns are ignored in git attributes"

Problem was solved by searching for every .gitattributes-file in the git repository. One of these Files had a row starting with an exclamation mark which wasn't commented out that was causing this ...
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Replace gitolite3 user with git

Add another user with the same uid, gid and homedirectory. You wrote that you had seen that suggested, "but this does not give the same results as above". I don't know what problems you have ...
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Is there any limitations as to what can be stored in gitolite-admin?

As per the documentation, you can put hooks in the repository. The documentation doesn't make any particular warning regarding the practice, so it seems that Gitolite will happily ignore anything ...
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Does the Gitolite @all group include the gitolite-admin repo?

Yes, it will allow access to all repos. However, you can prevent this, as documented: @secret = gitolite-admin secret-repo/..* repo @secret - = daemon option deny-rules = 1 repo @all ...
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gitolite admin DENIED by fallthru

For anyone else coming here with a similar problem, there is a reply by gitolite author on the mailing list: I suggest you add the ...
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I'm having some trouble setting up IP restrictions with Gitolite

Solution: 1 Make triggers/ip-limit containing #!/bin/bash # # ip-limit # UnrestrictedUserName=Me PermittedIP= if [ "$GL_USER" == "$UnrestrictedUserName" ] ; then exit 0; fi IP=$(echo ...
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