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For smtp relay, what is required for postfix to authenticate to gmail's smtp server?

Google Team disabled the less secure apps option. My server stops to send e-mail too. This is the problem in use a public email provider, they change the policy all the time. The simple solution is to ...
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Gmail does not accept mail from a new VPS server with PTR setup

Your PTR record for IPv6 is setup correctly (and strictly speaking it seems to be no longer required by Gmail). Saying that one hint is in the message Gmail sends to you: or the corresponding forward ...
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Gmail rejects forwarded mail with DMARC but I AM using SRS

I forward my own domain's email to Gmail accounts, too, and OpenDKIM + OpenARC alone won't suffice for this setup. You will need DKIM + ARC + SRS ("Sender Rewriting Scheme") to make this ...
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SPF denying emails, and different IPs sender

IP address is not listed in the SPF record found in the DNS, which can be a reason why SPF authentication fails for your email. Open the email and check the email header. View internet message headers ...
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