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How to generate a Google-managed certificates for wildcard hostnames in GCP?

I reference this doc. I need DNS authorization to provide a certificate with wildcard hostname. I would like to post a concret example for this question in case anyone have the same doubts as me. Most ...
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Google Compute Engine ssh: connect to host <IP> port 22: Operation timed out

Go to edit your VM. Go to section Automation Add Startup script #!/bin/bash sudo ufw allow ssh Stop and Start VM.
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Alternative of AWS SSM for configuration compliance in GCP

Yes, I use the GCP secrets manager (you can choose to encrypt or not when you create a secret) and it operates similarly to AWS SSM Parameter
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Google Cloud External IP Charges for Free Tier

For anyone that is looking at this, as of Sept 2022, Compute Engine free tier does not charge for an external IP address.
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Unable to reserve external IPv6 address on GCP

Not possible yet unless your GCP project is granted Alpha access to the feature: Important: ...
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Google Cloud us-west1 Cloud Functions not available?

If you're going to use Cloud Function in Firestore you must follow the listed supported region. Firebase doesn't support us-west1 according to this document. Yes, you may consider picking a different ...
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How can I change the local port kubectl uses to establish a connection?

There is an article related to your concern about connecting to your private cluster using IAP. In which, they explained there are possible ways to proceed. In the article attached, some pre-...
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GCP - "Transferring SSH keys to the VM" - constant loop

Try apt install google-guest-agent google-compute-engine, following the recommendation on this page. The same problem happened to me last night on one of my GCE instances. I usually use ansible to ...
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How often managed kubernetes cluster should be upgraded?

According to the comment of gapsf: Both - upgrade and delay You should test the newest available version and delay the upgrade until the release proves to be stable, bug free and is safe for your ...
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Automating Adding Projects to the Metric Scope

I am also in the progress of doing the same, there is a resource in terraform google_monitoring_monitored_project that can add projects into metrics scope but you need to create a list of projects ...

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