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NO_PUBKEY error in google cloud debian packages update

If you followed the guide here: and used the signed-by option, then you need to provide apt-key with the --keyring option: curl
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NO_PUBKEY error in google cloud debian packages update

Found the issue here: So you just need to run this before to apt-get update: curl
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What is the default password in Google Developers Console?

The user account for GCE instance or Cloud Shell has access to elevate the privileges using sudo. The password for the user accounts is not configured out of the box. You can change user account ...
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Google Cloud SQL authorize Auto Scale Instance Groups

As already mentioned by @justbeez, I believe the best way to go is using second generation instances and Cloud SQL Proxy. In case this is not possible, first generation instances can be setup to ...
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Google bot cannot read my web site

The error message says: Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 1 errors while attempting to retrieve DNS information for your site. The overall error rate for DNS queries for your site is 50....
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Best practices for backing up company data?

3-2-1 rule all night long! I would revise your ...
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Is GMAIL incorrectly failing SPF?

I have figured it out. Not surprisingly, it was me misinterpreting the report, not Google getting their DMARC implementation wrong :) The SPF result in the policy evaluated section that I was being ...
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Google DNS tries to connect to 1433?

"They" aren't doing this. Your client initiated a connection to Google's DNS server from it's source port 1433. Naturally Google responds back to this port. This is the expected behavior. ...
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Need help setting up Google Cloud Directory Sync with AD using secure LDAP

Update Sept 23, 2020 Today I updated GCDS and the TLS stuff broke again. This time, the problem was with an inability to access our CRL file from an offline root CA. I found that Google has beefed up ...
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GCP projects limit and immediate deletion

A) There's no hard ceiling for projects' quota, but any quota increase has to be requested on [1]. Regularly, you may get from 5-10 projects to 50 or more, but if you need even more, then it will ...
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error: The zone does not have enough resources available to fulfill the request. Try a different zone, or try again later

Let's have a look at the cause of such issues: When you stop an instance it releases some resources like vCPU and memory. When you start an instance (or change it) it requests resources like vCPU ...
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Google DNS returns SERVFAIL for domain

The delegation for indicates that this is a signed zone. 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS ns02....
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Login with Google for nginx

Maybe you could run the oauth2_proxy in front of your web app. A reverse proxy and static file server that provides authentication using Providers (Google, GitHub, and others) to validate accounts ...
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Is it possible to use .htaccess to instruct browsers to cache google analytics?

Nothing in .htaccess can affect a domain outside of your control. You have a couple options. Self-host the gtag.js file, which is possible but not recommended. Proxy the gtag.js file, adding your ...
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Stackdriver missing GKE Logs

You need to make sure that your kubernetes cluster has the correct permissions for logging and monitoring. To have a properly running cluster, the kubernetes master needs the following oauth scopes (...
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How to deal with Microsoft and Google agressive spam policies?

I suspect @HBruijn is right and you have some unruly neighbours, which you can't fix. Here are some suggestions for moving forward. Sign up to the mailop mailing list (yes, I know the cert is ...
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Googlecast SSDP and MDNS queries on network despite not having any chromecast applications installed in main computer

You're observing two different things that are independent from each other. The SSDP traffic is just a general "poll" for devices that matches the search. is a multicast ...
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4 votes Fails to resolve our subdomains randomly

I can't be completely sure what causes to (sometimes) fail to resolve your names, but I can see one thing that is broken and could potentially cause problems. The nameserver for the sip.teltel....
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Why does spf fail in DMARC report from Google?

DMARC compares the RFC5322.From domain with the SPF-authenticated domain. In your report, we can see that the RFC5322.From domain is and the SPF-authenticated domain is ...
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Postfix error sending an email via "Gmail" account

To begin with, you have forced TLS, but your TLS configuration is not valid. Either correct your TLS configuration or turn off TLS. Next, your server cannot contact gmail. That is probably because it ...
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DMARC configured to reject - I don't understand this report from Google

<disposition>none</disposition> means Gmail applied "none" policy instead of "reject", and also as it accepts the dkim,the Most probably this happened because the message was forwarded to/ ...
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Self hosted gitlab sign up with Google account

After some tweaking with the configs, I managed to find a setup that works: ### OmniAuth Settings ###! Docs: gitlab_rails['omniauth_enabled'] = ...
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locked out of ssh and sftp and require new password

This is your solution Before check if your firewall is set correctly. 1 - Go to the VM instances page in Google Cloud Platform console. 2 - Click on the instance for which you want to add a startup ...
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Google cloud server ssh host key changed unexpectedly?

Same thing happened to me today (Google Compute Cloud VM, running CentOS 7.x). After trying to log in from computers on different networks, vpns etc.. (e.g. to eliminate the possibility of a man in ...
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Google Cloud Compute Instance

In brief, yes, Google firewalls GCP instances using the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) default firewall rules. By default, the only externally originating traffic these rules allow is SSH to port 22, RDP ...
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3 votes returns NXDOMAIN randomly for all our subdomains

From a dig +trace query: 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 1800 IN NS ...
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How to avoid emails sent to Google's deep web crawler

Inspecting IP address of the requests with reverse DNS, all three requests come from When doing a reverse lookup, do not forget to check if a forward lookup of the host name points ...
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On what port does google ntp offer daytime services?

If they offer daytime, it will be on port 13. But daytime is archaic at best, and has nearly no legitimate uses today. probably offers it for archaic reasons. Google on the other hand ...
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Spammers slipping through SPF

Generally SPF only protects the envelope sender. You would need a DMARC policy to protect the domain used in the From header. Ideally, you would use DMARC with p=reject and both DMARC+SPF & DMARC+...
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How Can I Encourage Google to Read New robots.txt File?

After have the same problem I sucessfuly made google reread my robots.txt file by submiting on this url:
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