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How do data centers deal with constant disk failure?

There are robots available where you can put in 100s of disk and the robot automatically replaces a failed disk Alibaba then claimed to have developed a better version in the form of Tianxun, an AI ...
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How do data centers deal with constant disk failure?

Your math is wrong (1-0.016)^1000 is the probability that you will make it through a whole year without a single drive failure (with a pool of 1000 disks), but you don't just multiply 1 year by that ...
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Getting a RAID controller to surface scan on a sane schedule

I don't have a proper answer, but I did dig up some info on this. HPE raid controllers can be managed using HP Smart Storage Administrator. In an older version of the manual for Smart Array / Smart ...
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OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: <relative_path_to_file>

Your filesystem is probably mounted read-only. you can use mount to list all the mounted volumes on your system with their flags (rw) for read-write and (ro) for read-only filesystems.
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Disk usage per user in Linux / Unix

sudo du -sh /home/* | sort -rh
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