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Supermicro offers a Threaded Rail Adapter Set for Round Hole Racks (MCP-290-00060-0N) which sounds like what you're looking for exactly.


You need a SAS HBA. Then use sg_sanitize from sg3_utils package. Examples: Simple erase: sg_sanitize --block /dev/sdX Overwrite with given pattern: sg_sanitize --overwrite --pattern=rand.img /dev/sdX If you only have a RAID controller, than you can create a RAID volume and just fill it with zeroes or some random pattern (see scrub).


When using any SFP/SFP+/QSFP/... port you need to make sure that the plugged module is compatible with the port. A physical fit is not enough. Some devices only accept modules branded to the vendor. Sometimes appropriate port configuration is required as well. Multiple options: plug the SFP+ DAC to an SFP+ port, not a QSFP one buy a QSFP-to-SFP+ fanout buy ...

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