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How to suppress a Heartbeat resource from starting in failover data center?

I think, you can't do it with (native) heartbeat only. You can use pacemaker, he can work with quorums, but... You don't have a quorum. Imagine, that link between data centers fails - every of east ...
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Does Splunk have a "heartbeat" feature?

Every forwarder "phones home" at regular intervals. You can search index=_internal for these messages and alert if you don't find them. Look for "phoneHome" (sorry, the exact text escapes me ATM and ...
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Adding a deafult route during heartbeat handover on debian

You can add/remove routes with the ocf:heartbeat:Route resource agent. The description of the Route resource-agent is: Manages network routes (ocf:heartbeat:Route) Enables and disables network ...
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