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GitLab CE post-commit custom hook not working

post-commit is a client-side hook and you can not implement it on server. According to Gitlab documentation:, you can implement a server-side custom ...
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How to add multiple post-receive hooks to a git repository?

You can only have one post-receive script, so you'll have to use that one to call multiple scripts. On the server in the /PATH/TO/GIT.git/hooks/post-receive file, put the following: #!/bin/bash ...
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Can't call "git reset" inside git post-update hook?

I have found the problem! During execution of the hook, the variables GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE are set, and git will ignore the current directory. And it seems that I can pass the directories ...
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How do I get Postfix to run a script every time there is a outgoing delivery error?

I ended up rerouting rsyslog maillog notifications via UDP to a simple php daemon for processing and doing all the magic there. The bounce-daemon.php is controlled by monit, so it's always up and ...
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Git hook post-merge

If you read through the list of available hooks, you see that there is a post-merge hook... ...but it's not clear from your question that this will do what you want. A post-receive hook runs on a ...
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Build meteor app in custom GitLab hook

su - user starts an interactive shell with the user user. You're going to want to use the following: su -c "cd \"$DEPLOYDIR\"; meteor build ." nodejs Dissection: su: su executable -c "COMMAND": run ...

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