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Finding out which cciss disk is what /dev/sdX disk (smartmontools & cciss raid controller)

From some point in smartmontools, it became possible to view the status of disks in HBA mode with an HP controller. Here is the ticket and commit: https://www....
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How can I update HP iLO 4 Card firmware without a web interface

Yo tambien tuve ese problema con el servidor ML150 y solo se pudo solucionar usando ftp mediante cmd, en mi caso desde otra pc con windows.
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HP Raid Controller p420i 18TB disk support on DL380 Gen8?

Try to work with period-correct equipment. Gen8 HPE hardware is circa 2012-2015... So 10 year-old technology at this point. 18TB disks showed up around 2019/2020. You should focus on using more ...
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HP Raid Controller p420i 18TB disk support on DL380 Gen8?

Consider yourself lucky you came here at this stage, and that this didn't work. Firstly you're not supposed to run non-HPE disks on HPE disk controllers, I know some work but we've had a lot of people ...
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HP Blade ILO not responding in chassis ILO

For Windows server: HPE Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows x64 Editions

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