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You are running mpm_worker_module but MaxSpareServers is defined for mpm_prefork_module.


Although I searched alot I did not find answers that were given for other flavors of Linux. I came to the answer when I noticed that httpd was originally started with "apachectl" and I was trying to restart using "systemctl" and thought this might be the issue. When I searched for this I found many answers. This appears to be the most ...


This is an educated guess. I think this might be a case of both the Manager part and Apache using HTTP authentication headers for authentication. When the client connects to http://localhost/manager, Apache asks for authentication credentials for LDAP authentication. The client will then send the authentication information to Apache, which accepts the ...


based on it seems that you are missing a role definition. In the tomcat-users.xml file add a user with the role manager : <role rolename="manager"/> <user username="admin" password="admin" roles=&...

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