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Apache mpm event not working as expected with SSL/HTTPS

While looking at Apache source code for possible mpm worker fallback conditions, I found the following relevant comment : If we have an input filter which 'clogs' the input stream, like mod_ssl used ...
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URL with subdomain and certificate does not work

www is a subdomain. And when you want to use a subdomain for your certification , you need to by a wildcard SSL or use letsencrypt.
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NGINX: Redirect to Non-www address

(this is mostly comment, but space is limited) I want all http traffic to redirect to https, OK, seems sensible. and connections to my website's www subdomain and to my server ip address (123.123....
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Incoming https traffic blocked by Windows firewall rule Query User

Just solved this exact problem after days of troubleshooting a firewall that wasn't accepting traffic on ports that already had explicit allow rules created. Hopefully this solves the same problem for ...
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