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Using Powershell to set SMTP port on an existing IIS 6 SMTP Server - Windows Server 2012 R2

OK, so I actually managed to solve this myself :) $Serverbindings = (gwmi -namespace root\microsoftiisv2 -class iissmtpserversetting) $Bindings = $ServerBindings.ServerBindings foreach ($Binding in $...
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MS Webdeploy V3 encryptPassword correct usage

Well, I just learned why you need a password. (For those who don't know how, I've shown an example command line at the bottom.) According to one of the examples on this page, the encryptPassword ...
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How do I disable TLS 1.0 without breaking my IIS/ASP.NET websites?

We had to configure .NET to use stronger protocols before disabling TLS 1.0 to avoid System.InvalidOperationException in IIS. REG ADD "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\v2.0.50727" /...
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"Bad Gateway" when connecting to old IIS servers over SSL through NGINX reverse proxy

The setting proxy_ssl_protocols seems to control the connection between nginx and the upstream server (Windows Server 2003 in your case), https://docs.nginx.com/nginx/admin-guide/security-controls/...
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How to enable TLS for SMTP in II6 on Windows Server 2012 R2

From https://forums.iis.net/t/1155280.aspx When the IIS6 SMTP Server module looks for a certificate to use for TLS encryption, it seems checks the 'Local_Machine\my' store. I'm not sure where the ...
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Connection timeout between windows servers

If server B is running "websites" (plural), almost certainly they will respond only when they are referenced by name - there has to be a name in the header to tell IIS which web site you're ...
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554+5.2.0+STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SendAsDeniedException in IIS SMTP Relay When Scanning to Email from a Sharp MX-M364N

I had almost same issue, solved it by adding Send-As permission to the sender account. but if youre using Alias (not account) then add the Alias to the mail account. Somewhere in July-october 2018 ...
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554+5.2.0+STOREDRV.Submission.Exception:SendAsDeniedException in IIS SMTP Relay When Scanning to Email from a Sharp MX-M364N

I found I the Sender Name: value MUST be set under System Settings -> Image Send Settings -> Scan Settings. If Sender Name: value is blank the email will not send and you will receive the above ...
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IIS Rewrite Multiple URLS to Ports

Something like this (in your web.config) should work: <rule name="solution1" stopProcessing="true"> <match url="^(solution1/)(.*)" /> <action type="Rewrite" url="http://...
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IIS/SMTP on Windows Server 2012 - Emails stuck in Queue folder

Issue was my Azure firewall. I had some outgoing firewall rules on my VNET that once removed the emails went out.
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IIS6 Allowing CORS without Access-Control-Allow-Origin

If you’re not sending the request from frontend JavaScript code in a web application, then the request will succeed. The browser gets the response regardless—but the browser is the sole enforcement ...
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how to track down security problems between IIS web servers?

Are your IIS running under a domain? What are your configuration settings for the sites? Are those configurations matching? Is anonymous authentication disabled? Are you impersonating the account used ...
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windows 10 upgrade from IIS6

IIS 10 is included with Windows 10, you just have to install it first. Here's how to : http://www.howtogeek.com/112455/how-to-install-iis-8-on-windows-8/ (it is the same procedure on Windows 8 and 10)
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PHP on IIS6.1 Error log file plus write permissions

Two things.. Make sure log_errors = On in you php.ini Put quotes around the path "C:\inetpub\temp\php_errors.log" :)
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Newly added IP addresses not selectable for IIS bindings

Let's come back to old time though this is old post. I recently came a cross this issue and I open services.msc, and then restart IP Helper, and all IP newly added comes up.
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SMTP Server Stops on Windows 2008 - Why? And Can I Auto Start It?

The startup type for the service is by default set to "Manual". Which will cause the service to be stopped after a reboot.
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How do I format a text file for IIS Mailroot Pickup so that it sends an e-mail with attachments?

Old post, but this helped me out recently zamzar can convert msg to eml, even embedded pdfs. Tested with the exchange pickup folder, and it worked.
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