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It might be because you Calico's default POD CIDR conflicting with Host CIDR. Just got that impression from your --apiserver-advertise-address= If that is the case, worth trying out with a different POD CIDR --pod-network-cidr= with kubeadm init For a clean installation again, better do a kubeadm reset before the above changes. ...


Good news people, all is super easy now (year 2020) as there is the new Ubuntu installer (Subiquity? or sth like that) where SSH install is build into installer (tested at least for ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso so for server install, not desktop) When the installer launches and gets IP address (you can safely proceed to the network screen to make ...


2G won't cut it. Gitlab is a notorious memory hog. From the docs: 4GB RAM is the required minimum memory size Official doc states flat out "Gitlab has memory leaks" ( More details:

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