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CNAME for Active Directory domain controller

This depends on the application. If your application(s) only need to query for the occasional infrequently changed attribute or authenticate users, that may work. Active Directory technically does not ...
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bind dns zone notify with multiple view

When using views in BIND9, any given incoming DNS message (query, notify, update, zone transfer, whatever) will simply hit the first view that matches based on the match-clients, match-destinations ...
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List all DNS records in a domain using dig?

Why not use Here you can check up any domain online very easy Im not affiliated with any of the above, just putting it our there to help like minded ...
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Setup split DNS to external CNAME when resolving within an internal CoreDNS?

Problems with your current attempt: You cannot use a CNAME record at the apex of a domain. Your is part of the * IN A What could work: Add an internal copy of the ...
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