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Of course it's possible, this is the way all peer-to-peer networks operate. And yes, this includes (any)Torrent and Bitcoin. How to actually implement it, however, is way besides the scope of this site (or any site). You can start from here.


No, per definition. The Modem is classically NOT PART OF THE IP SPACE. It is a modulator/demodulator working on some lower level transforming a bitstream into a wire level format. Whatever is behind a modem will be assigned the IP address. If the modem also works as router, then it obviously get an IP Address + does NAT (normally) for the home, but it is not ...


A modem is a device that convert digital signal to an analog signal. It doesn't have an IP. If you have a xDSL line, on your end, you likely have A modem, converting the analog signal transmitted over the DSL line to something digital (binary data) A router, a device that forward IP packets between your internal network and the provider network. This device ...


I was having issue to configure fail2ban because of missing IP address in the default PostgreSQL log config. I am using PostgreSQL 12 and 13 on Debian 10. So if anybody will face same thing here is how to fix it. /etc/postgresql/13/main/postgresql.conf log_line_prefix = '%m {%h} [%p] %q%u@%d ' Default was: '%m [%p] %q%u@%d '. I added %h to pass IP address ...

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