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Don't bother, you are fighting against windmills. This is just one of an endless list of services that show your IP address, you will never be able to block them all. And even if you could, the user could just run his own anywhere he wants. Restricting outgoing IP connections would be more useful, if that doesn't disrupt your services.


From kubernetes perspective, Ingress-controller it's a standard way to expose HTTP backend over TLS connection from cluster to client. You can publish the application using TLS certificates. When creating TLS certificate you can specify the alternative names which you would allow for your application. Other names or IP address will not be allowed to access ...


Yes, subnets in your VPC can communicate by default. It is possible to provide a custom security configuration to control inbound/outbound traffic using Security Groups or Networl ACLs features. It is also possible to configure routing using Route Tables. Please refer to the official AWS documentation, which covers this topics in detail.


Is this possible to have multiple address on single PC? You can use the whole network locally. This means all addresses from to are at your disposal. What is the best practice for running multiple server on same server? With different IP address (, With same IP address but different port (

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