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How to block unrecognized hostnames in .htaccess (A Domain Name I Don't Recognize Is Redirecting To My Site)

This problem should be resolved in your virtual host config and not with .htaccess. If you are using a website hosting company and do not have direct access to the Apache virtual host config, then ...
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Why do calls from our Google Cloud Function deployed in europe-west6 (Zürich) originate from an US located IP address?

So expanding on some of the comments: When you look at the actual routing of traffic to that IP , for example with a looking glass from , that shows a route over a Swiss internet ...
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Error restarting networking service

this is @asktyagi answer but I added here to be clear to others On Debian 11 , after booting, systemctl status networking.service would show failure to add ipv6 addr to an interface that had ipv4 addr....
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