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Netplan - add secondary IP address and assign label

Try this network: version: 2 renderer: networkd ethernets: eth0: dhcp4: false addresses: - labels: eth0:0: addresses: ...
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RTNETLINK answers: Cannot assign requested address

i solved ip addr del dev vdsm ip addr del dev vdsm
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apache redirects to local IP on virtual machine

This is because based on you provided configuration there is no Alias or Severname that match with the request. Try editing the ServerName as instead of www.example or you can add it as ...
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Assigning Valid Address For Subnet

What they are asking is, which of the addresses,, and does not fall into one of the already-defined subnets.
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What is the meaning/cause of this extra entry in the output of `ip address` when another device connects to the network?

The likely cause of the observed symptom: a new IPv6 address appears on a node (which happens to be running microk8s) in the LAN after booting an IPv6 router on the same LAN is that the router sent ...
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Can I point a subdirectory URL to a different IP/Server?

To integrate a WordPress blog hosted on a separate server into your main React website under the path, you'll need to update your Nginx configuration. The key is to use Nginx as a ...
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Changing Subnet-mask

In such a scenario you'll probably not have much client-to-client communication, so if you start by changing net mask on the router(s) and other servers, and then update net mask in the DHCP scope, ...
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