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iptables equivalent for mac os x

I too had to do a similar thing recently, and in searching came upon this answer. Unfortunately, the answer of Nafe uses ipfw which is now deprecated and unavailable in OSX; and the answer of Kevin ...
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IPFW denies ssl connections

I do not use IPv6, but I notice from /etc/rc.firewall and /etc/protocols that ICMP has a different symbolic name for IPv6 which is ipv6-icmp. If you need to pass IPv6 ICMP packets, you may want to add ...
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Allowing access to UDP range port in ipfw/FreeBSD

add 2000 allow udp from to me 20500-20750 Right, that will work. With the above configuration, do I ensure that all traffic is allowed? It depends on what you meant of "all traffic&...
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FreeBSD 10 IPFW IPv6

Your IPv6 traffic does not match any of the rules, therefore matches the last rule, which is an explicit deny rule. First you need to make sure IPFW does process IPv6 traffic. This is done by ...
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