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Business class internet service should be providing a static IPv6 prefix. The address space is easily big enough to provide this for everyone. DNS is the first choice for resolving names to IPs. Consider a DNS updating script, running on a box that knows the prefix. nsupdate, ddclient, something like that. A script to drive that is fairly simple: concatenate ...


After many tries with different options, finally adding addr and route along with enabling net.ipv6.ip_nonlocal_bind doing trick ip add add local 2302:1400:3010:3731:0:1/96 dev lo ip route add local 2302:1400:3010:3731:0:1/96 dev ens4 sysctl net.ipv6.ip_nonlocal_bind=1 Reference: make this question duplicate :(


it is as simple as postconf -e "inet_protocols = ipv4" but nothing prevent you from fixing your dns/SPF over ipv6 as it is said in comment. regards.


Generally Stale State is a good thing, actually its acceptable we have a Stale State. Let's look at RFC 4861, section 5.1. : STALE The neighbor is no longer known to be reachable but until traffic is sent to the neighbor, no attempt should be made to verify its reachability. The neighbor is no longer known to be reachable (timer expired, no traffic ...

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