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How to get the client-id and client-secret from keycloak?

in Keycloak 20 at least, the option is not "type: confidential." as far as I can tell, that setting no longer exists. instead, you have to turn on the "client authentication" ...
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Invalid keycloak URL error when installing alfresco-dbp with helm in Kubernetes on AWS

If you take a look at the values.yaml of alfresco-dbp global: alfrescoRegistryPullSecrets: quay-registry-secret keycloak: resource: alfresco realm: alfresco client: alfresco url: "...
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How can I resolve "SAML Providers must reference at least one SAML assertion issuer" message?

In downloaded xml file change SPSSODescriptor to IDPSSODescriptor for both opening and closing tags. Also entityID should be "https://KEYCLOAK-URL/auth/realms/YOUR-REALMS-NAME"
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Logging username in KeyCloak access-log

I come over similar issue (my client asked me to log client id) and ended up looking for solution. From looking at the source code and how access log is populated I can tell you that there is pretty ...
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How to map internal OIDC group to external K8s cluster roles

You will want to specify --oidc-groups-claim= with the JWT claim containing the list of strings that identify the groups to which the authenticated user belongs, then you can reference those names (...
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fail2ban on host for rootless podman keycloak container

Fail2ban works (by default) at the firewall level which itself works at the IP level. Given your setup, all traffic is relayed by an external Traefik instance whose IP is the only one contacting ...
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Keycloak 16 - can it log OIDC access tokens for Open-ID Connect identity providers?

You can enable token logging in the Keycloak server configuration. This will allow you to see the claims that the OIDC provider sends to Keycloak. Login to the Keycloak administration console. Select ...
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Keycloak w/ EKS + ALB (401 after auth)

Turns out that according to openid connect you have to validate authorization_code according to these steps: https://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-basic-1_0.html#IDTokenValidation What my issue here ...
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How to get the client-id and client-secret from keycloak?

its been awhile since this question asked but i will leave this answer here anyway https://stackoverflow.com/a/69726692/2575875
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Why does embedding KeyCloak into a another stack using requirements.yaml fail?

RESOLVED: the problem was that the correct namespace in the "global" values.yaml should have been: keycloak: keycloak: [content goes here]
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KEYCLOAK + MYSQL + DOCKER --> Failed to start

According to https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak-containers/blob/master/docker-compose-examples/keycloak-mysql.yml, you just add &connectTimeout=30000 to your JDBC_PARAMS environment variable.
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Howto traefik->keycloak gatekeeper->service?

I'm closing out this question. The answer is fairly complicated. I commented on my post with a reference to a project that was helpful in figuring things out. I am still working on some documentation ...
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