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How to secure NFS server in kubernetes

If you want to control traffic flow at the IP address or port level (OSI layer 3 or 4), then you might consider using Kubernetes NetworkPolicies for particular applications in your cluster. So, for ...
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How do we prevent accidental Graylog denial of service problems without multiple graylog instances?

Your concerns and questions about the architecture of your Graylog setup are pretty valid. It's important to find a solution that balances the need for isolation and resource management with ease of ...
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Kubernetes : load balancing on a not-REST container

Session affinity or commonly called as sticky sessions will help you in routing the subsequent requests of a session to the same pod. Using any kubernetes ingress controller you can achieve this ...
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CRI-O Pulling Image From AWS ECR: Failed to pull image, authentication required

You'll want to install Skopeo and run the following command. Make sure to replace the region with the region your ECR image is stored in. skopeo login -u AWS -p $(/usr/local/bin/aws ecr get-login-...
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Kubernetes Rook-Ceph: different pools for different use-cases?

@LarsKumbier You can create cephcluster to specify deviceClasses for set of OSD'S https://github.com/rook/rook/blob/f70b687a6077877e29ab02b06a881ed2d65c3c78/Documentation/CRDs/Cluster/ceph-cluster-crd....
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How can I find out what is using my node's disk in kubernetes?

To find out what is using your Node's disk in Kubernetes, you can follow these steps: SSH into your Node. Install the ncdu package on your Node using the following command: sudo apt-get install ncdu ...
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Why do kubernetes components enter a crash loop back-off when server restarts after installation?

It turns out that this problem is very similar to the one described in this GitHub issue. Essentially without specifying the SystemdCgroup = true option for my containerd CRI runtime (which was the ...
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Kubernetes cronjob failing to create secret due to RBAC serviceaccount issue

Thank you @veera-nagireddy for helping me figure it out (see his comment on the original post for some additional context) The problem was that the CronJob itself didn't have the permissions to create/...
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Best practice for running container images as another user

Using chmod 777 is basically never the right solution. Figure out how to set your permissions correctly. Permissions should almost always be least possible that accomplish your goal. How you do that ...
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How to safely update an existing Kubernetes server without original configurations

Seems like you have almost anything you need; there are only some minor considerations: kubectl -n <ns> get <CRD> -o yaml will give you the output with some read-only identificators, ...
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